July 17, 2024

90 thoughts on “Yankees (54-35) vs. Red Sox (47-39) Friday, July 5, 2024, 7:05 PM EDT

  1. It’s been a while since we scored in the first inning. It’s also been a while since we scored when we weren’t down by at least 3.
    Now that Soto and Judge are out we can only hope to keep it at zeros for the next 3 innings.

    1. Yeah, it’s pretty maddening. Nestor gave them a perfect chance to change things, and they just flopped. Maybe this inning (it won’t be this inning)!

  2. I’ve spoken about annoying Murphy’s Law stretches (like that crazy losing West Coast losing streak in 201…8? 2019?) where it seems like every game was JUST wrong. You know, like when they hit, their pitcher gets bombed, and when their pitcher does well, they can’t score.

    This, though, is different, since they’re just not hitting period, so it’s immaterial that they’re not hitting on a night when their pitcher has actually given them a chance.

  3. A long enough rain delay to take Houck out of the game might be their only chance of hanging in there in this one, except that the Red Sox bullpen is better, too, so it won’t even be much of a help.

    1. Cortes is pitching well and the bad half of our pen is beyond terrible. A rains delay hurts.

    1. I think he’s a C/1b like Rice. He’s hitting 167 with 18 home runs.

  4. Wait the game is back. I did not know that until RAB tweeted about some mental mistakes which on a Boone managed team is a huge surprise.

  5. This was totally psycho bad coached baseball. First and third,Rice hits a slow ground ball to the right side, the 1B steps on first, Fucking Volpe slows down running home, DJ fails to get into a run down. Not just one boneheaded sub Jorge running blunder but two. If Volpe runs hard he scores. If DJ gets in a rundown Volpe scores. This team is so stupid and that’s on fucking Boone.

  6. RAB “The Yankees put the mental in fundamental. Just sloppy mistakes, game after game. They never look prepared to play. Has been a constant problem under Boone.“

    This should go in Elias if EITHER Volpe or DJ do the right thing the run scores.

    1. Rowson has taught the Yankees well the virtues of hitting ground balls.

  7. Every fucking Yankee either walked or hit a ground ball. Tell me there’s not something systemically they’re doing wrong.

    BTW DJ sucks.

    1. T_O_A_S_T. When will Cashman realize that? Hal to Cashman, we’re gonna eat another salary?

  8. Now, THAT was a dude with a fucking PLAN in that at-bat with Devers.

    I know it would be absurd with his pitch count and the rain delay, but I’d almost let Nestor start the seventh (but seriously, Weaver for two, Holmes for one).

  9. Clay pitched well the other day in an unwinnable game. They shouldn’t allow him to pitch in close games. Holmes now with a 3 era which is not exactly in line with lights out closers.

  10. DJ with a ground ball. Gawd this team has some truly terrible players Grisham, DJ, Waldo especially, Gleyber and Verdugo in the photo.

  11. I knew I shouldn’t have watched the top of the 9th. I stopped watching the top of the 8th after the era but after they got Deavers I thought a win would come.

  12. They didn’t deserve to win this game, but boy, it is still a painful ass fucking loss. Aaron Judge up as the winning run with no outs and he pops out in foul territory? What small dick energy that was.

  13. Yankees are the only team this season to lose multiple home games when leading by 2+ runs entering the top of the 9th inning

    Yankees now 1-6 in xtra inning games.

    How many guys did Holmes get to two strikes but couldn’t finish?

  14. In reality the Yankees were Lucky to even have a lead going into the 9th. They managed 5 hits in 10 innings including zero XBHs. All 3 runs were courtesy of Boston’s defense. This shoulda been a 1-0 or 3-0 loss.

    BTW great ABs by Judge and Vertigo in the 10th.

    Worst won loss record in xtra innings in baseball Aaron. Worst baserunning team in baseball Aaron. Largely expansion level offense Cash.

    1. Yeah, they really didn’t deserve the win. Still sucked to lose it!

      Please please please please please please just bat Wells cleanup going forward.

      Any chance they have is based on batting their two decent hitters around their two great hitters (Judge not choking would be nice, as well).

    2. Hard to get mad at Judge, but he made some remarks earlier and then a first pitch pop up. Blah.

  15. DJ 175/466 and he didn’t hustle on a ground ball that only wasn’t a DP because Boston bobbled the ball twice on the same play then failed to get in a rundown on the next play. Four groundballs and one baserunning blunder and one lack of hustle for Le Machine.

    Vivas 2/3 with a home run and a walk 393 OBP in June, 500 so far in July. 940 OPS before tonight since June 9th. He probably won’t be much but can he be worse than DJ/Gleyber?

    1. DJ was INSANELY bad tonight. It was hard to imagine someone having a night as bad as that. Like, obviously he’s going up there trying desperately NOT to put the ball on the ground, so for him to be unable to get it in the air, it is stunningly awful.

    2. “Like, obviously he’s going up there trying desperately NOT to put the ball on the ground, so for him to be unable to get it in the air, it is stunningly awful.”

      Well, in all fairness, he wasn’t facing the Holmes sinker. No one could get THAT pitch in the air!

    1. Leading in DP’s, last in base running, most saves blown at home when leading by 2+ in the ninth, so they’re leading in multiple categories.

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