June 18, 2024

38 thoughts on “Yankees (20-12) @ Orioles (19-11), Thursday, May 2, 2024, 1:05 PM EDT

  1. Volpe 260/727 I miss 900 Phenom last 7 days before today 167/552
    Judge 200/731 I miss 1000+ Judge
    Rizzo 252/726
    Gleyber 215/542

  2. From 6-0 to 20-13, after losing today. IOW since that start, they will have gone 14-13, about who they are. And we see how bad the Cheatstros have been so far, so sweeping them to begin the season was nice, but Houston has looked bad since.

    1. Disagree 4 games in a row the offense was useless. Judge, Volpe, Rizzo, Gleyber all mostly shite.

    2. Oh sure, the offense is a major issue, I’m just saying that had they lost, like, 3-2 or whatever, the offense would still be a problem, but at least I wouldn’t be as worried as I am that Rodon might just suck.

  3. This doesn’t sound good:
    RAB 11th time in 33 games the Yankees scored two or fewer runs. On average, once a series they score what you can reasonably say isn’t enough runs to win.

  4. So after a month or so of not being able to get into the old site, I finally googled…

    Great job taking over Brian.

    Quick season recap from my perspective…
    1) I was more positive going into this season than I have been in 3 or 4 years but I still don’t think this is a serious WS contender. More like a solid playoff team that could win it all with some good luck and a hot run in October.
    2) So far I’m not worried about the hitting. I don’t think they are great but I think they are above average.
    3) The pitching HAS been great… in results. I think they are bottom 3rd and their results have over performed their actual level.

  5. Stanton is a below average player. No idea what’s going on with Gleyber. Not sure about Rizzo either.
    Judge I have faith in.
    Volpe? He was pretty bad last year so a hot streak early this year means nothing.
    DJLM may never come back.
    Grisham can’t hit.
    In a nutshell, this team isn’t winning the WS.

    1. They probably aren’t making a WC either. Unless Cole returns to solid form, Jasson returns and hits like he hit before the stupid injury, and Judge isn’t channeling Stanton. They had Cy Young Cole in 2023 and missed the playoffs in spite of that.

    2. Last year, the only damage Volpe did was on fastballs. So far this year, he’s struggling against them. Overall, his approach this year had been better, and I’d expect his results against fastballs to improve.

      I do think it’s time to reevaluate the expectations for Volpe though. He came up billed as a bat first, ok defensively SS. There are signs of that bat, but realistically he doesn’t look like he’s going to be an elite hitter. His arm is a bit of an issue, but he does appear to be a pretty fantastic defender.

      As a general question, is a elite defensive SS with very good running skills and a roughly average bat a disappointment?

      I definitely got fooled by his hot start. And he needs to be moved back to the 6-8 spot. But, if he can keep his roughly average batting line obp heavy, he’s probably a 3 win player.

    3. Clay, you may well be right. It’s interesting, though, that he hasn’t be consistently mediocre – he’s waffled between really having it and totally losing it. That suggests at least the possibility of the upside people saw in him. It may be largely psychological. Which isn’t necessarily good – remember the players who never got over the yips.

    4. I like his pitch recognition skills, but I don’t think he can consistently hit for power at the MLB level without selling out (he’s not a huge guy). That was basically his big adjustment coming into this year. Opposing teams have adjusted to him and he’s not making quality contact any longer. But his Ks are still down and his BBs up, so the overall approach is still good.

      I think the flashes do show more potential, and I think it’s very likely he ends up with a plus bat, I just don’t think he ends up being the high end hitter projected a year ago or so. But his baseline is so solid with his way better than expected defense. If he hits to his fangraphs RoS projections (106 wRC+), he’ll be a roughly 4 win player.

  6. His TYM while still in MiLB.

    Spencer Jones: 1-for-6, RBI, SB (4), 2 K
    He had a chance to be the hero with the bases loaded in the bottom of the 9th, but it just wasn’t meant to be.

    1. No he flied out, to fit in properly he would’ve needed to strike out or if less than two outs went 643

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