June 18, 2024

54 thoughts on “Yankees (19-11) @ Orioles (18-10), Tuesday, April 30, 2024, 6:35 PM EDT

  1. Hoch Gerrit Cole had “a good day” of throwing on flat ground, according to Aaron Boone. It is possible that Cole could resume tossing from a mound next week.

  2. Perhaps it was like the time-honored reverse complaint. Perhaps Schmidt was saying that just to remind everyone that it’s really still a question – whether Baltimore’s really “legit” or not.

    Or, as Brian might say – whether they’re “legit legit”! )))

    1. Guy could have been inner circle with total numbers but will never get there. Still a HOFer but he won’t ever catch the greatest. Too many injuries that started taking too many games too young.

    1. Unlike that double against Nestor. Have to hope those things are going too correct themselves over the course of the… oh, you’re f*ing kidding me!

  3. This is the craziest bad-luck game I’ve ever seen.

    How many hard hits were outs – how many dumb ground balls JUST elude being outs? I mean, it’s only the 4th inning, and… oh, for Christ’s sake. So not Nestor’s fault. The Yankees have hit so much better this game than Baltimore…

  4. sucks cause Nestor looks pretty good. location mostly good, fastball getting whiffs, pitching fast, attacking, seems confident. easily could be 2-2.

  5. That was one of the worst games to watch I’ve ever watched.

    As long as I watched it, that is (up until about the 6th).

    {I’m posting this because I know it will prompt the world to “orphan” it with a new thread.}

    1. Maybe, I haven’t really looked hard. So I just looked at the career leader in GDP, Albert Pujols, who had 426 in his career. His career rate is 4.5% and in his worst year was 6.8% as a 41 year old. Judge’s career average is 4.9% and his previous high was 8.2% in 28 games in 2020.

      Quick look at the AL has a league average of 2.2% and the Yankees lead the AL at 4.0% by quite a bit. Only the Blue Jays are even in the 3s (3.3%).

  6. 2023 119 GDP, 2022 121, 36 so far this year on track for over 180 GIDPs. It’s mostly Judge who is on pace for 50 GIDPs compared to his norm of 10/15 per season. Jim Rice hold the record of 36. Hopefully it’s just bad luck since his GB% is about where it usually is.

    1. this the game they win big before the bats take tomorrow off again.

  7. Hoch “ 3B Jon Berti won’t play in a Minor League rehab game tonight because “his back locked up on him,” Aaron Boone said. The hope is that Berti can play tomorrow.”
    Ha Ha.

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