June 18, 2024

49 thoughts on “Yankees (18-10) @ Brewers (17-9), Sunday, April 28, 2024, 2:10 PM EDT

  1. “Where we get to see, like, Cody Poteet, or whoever, take on Burnes, right? Awesome. Awesome.”

    Brian, if they can’t beat good pitchers, if they’re going to be outclassed against good pitchers, then what point would there be to even making the playoffs?

    1. Poteet has a 1.7 era and 0.77 WHIP in AAA. Why are they so intent on stretching him out rather than making him a multi inning reliever?

    2. I think they want to try to avoid using up options on anyone who will be sent down when Cole returns.

  2. Judge does deserve the boos. Amazing, none of those runs should have scored.

    On the other hand, they didn’t HAVE to give up 7 runs after that out. You do play with what you’re given.

  3. You wouldn’t have wanted to break Tonkin in this way, would you? With a big lead instead of the game on the line, without excess pressure or risk?

    You wouldn’t? Nawwww, I guess you wouldn’t.

  4. Perhaps rumors of Rizzo’s untimely demise were premature.
    Unclear, of course.
    Not a certainty.

  5. I’d forgotten what it’s like to watch a team not loaded almost exclusively with players who, we keep saying, used to be great hitters, but can’t hit anymore.
    A team with a bunch of good hitters.
    That’s what it looked like.
    It’s… fun!

    1. Maybe, but were people who pay attention saying this before the season? Because I think consensus was that it’s another year of AAAA. Versus the Royals who I think were a sneaky pick to be good.

    2. I think the As will still suck, but their division does look much weaker with a suddenly bad Astros team.

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