June 18, 2024

210 thoughts on “Yankees (0-0) @ Astros (0-0), Thursday, March 28, 2024, 4:10PM EDT

  1. And a new season begins today! Will they keep the consecutive winning season streak? I feel like that’s more likely to fall than a new banner is to wave.

    1. I think this offense will be plenty to ensure a winning season.

      I think you’re probably right, but I wouldn’t be stunned if Nestor and Rodon were both so garbage this year that it’ll be close. Hopefully they’re not garbage!

    2. Yeah, if the pitching totally collapses, it could be ugly. I don’t think it will be that bad though.

    1. Either could be good or terrible. Gil had a good Spring and he was good here when he threw strikes. Rodon was good and if his back is still a problem will suck. I fear Cortes’s future is in the past.

    2. yea I have little faith in cortes, but a lot of faith in beeter and weaver. gil just looks explosive – extremely high fb velon and spin rate paired with excellent control. rodon, imo, was fucking around with grips and pitches in many of his st starts. I nother words, he was doing what a high aav sp should be doing in spring training.

  2. In all seriousness, this is just some bad luck in terms of when Cole got hurt. Had he gotten hurt earlier in the Spring, Nestor wouldn’t have gotten this start. Nestor is obviously not at the top of the Yankee rotation, and they can live with him being a mediocre #4. Starting him as a #1, though, is going to have some shitty results like this.

    1. Oh, agreed, that’s what I mean, though. Nestor was never intended to be more than a back of the rotation guy this season. They should have went out and gotten another guy to make him less necessary, but the main thing is that this is more like Carl Pavano starting Game 1.

  3. Rodon is the much more important guy. If he and Nestor BOTH suck, then yes, they’re fucked, and really, it makes them look like complete assholes going into the season with Rodon and Nestor both as HUGE question marks.

  4. Choke up, drop in a blooper. Little League and high school coaches the country over are doing the Leo/Once Upon a Time move at their TVs right now

    1. The new line up construction fad is putting your worst hitter 8th so if/when you turn the lineup over, the top of the lineup has a higher chance of hitting with a man on.

  5. Looking at this inning, and it’s just shocking to me thinking back to just HOW poorly Nestor approached Abreu and McCormick in the first inning. I mean, holy shit, was it bad.

    “Hmmm…go at guys, or fuck around with shit until it fucks me? I guess the latter!”

  6. Also, batting Stanton fourth today was a nice gesture, but it better be Rizzo batting fourth going forward (until Gleyber gets to take the spot back once DJ returns to suck in the leadoff spot due to his hurt foot).

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