June 18, 2024

18 thoughts on “What’s going on with Gleyber Torres?

  1. I think Rizzo is done. He had some big hits over the weekend but looks more like slap hitting. He’s slow – even in the field. Gotta be the concussion but I’ll wait another 10% of the season before giving up.

    Stanton was hot for a few days. I’ve said earlier when he’s hot he’s awesome but his hot streaks last shorter and shorter; I think that’s still true. He’s not worth very much. Sub-220 by July? Time to realize it’s a sunk cost.

    As to Gleyber – I think I once read stats about second baseman losing it earlier than others. Edgardo Alfonzo as one example; Carlos Baerga as another. Both washed up before age 30. Time to move on.

    1. Yeah, I’m pretty worried about Rizzo. He’s never been a truly elite hitter, but has been really effective because he is really disciplined and doesn’t swing and miss. If a combination of age and the concussion has robbed that from him, he just doesn’t hit the ball well enough to make up for it, IMO.

      I think we’ll see more of a low 200s Stanton than sub 200s, which is still frustrating, but .225/320/500 is much more palatable than .190/270/450.

      I think Gleyber is kind of where Judge was a few days ago. The approach is great, he’s just a bit off. His defense is getting worse and worse though.

  2. At 27 Gleyber should not be done, I think he’ll correct as will Waldo. Rizzo at 34 and after a serious health problem concerns me. He’s slugging 75 points lower than his Yankee norm and 120 points lower than his career norm.

  3. I think both rizzo and Torres are pressing with the exception that Torres has more leeway as his physical talents imo haven’t betrayed him yet.

    it’s possible rizzo is suffering from post-concussion symptoms as he didnt permit the appropriate amount of rest after last seasons incident and he is competing at an elite level – ie every little bit counts. all in all, I don’t know what to expect but would be happy with a .775-.8 ops from him.

    FYI, 20% of ppl suffer from protracted post concussion symptoms, and id imagine that threshold expands given the nature of being a professional athlete, so if his concentration or eyesight is effected even marginally it will be borne out in a larger sample

    1. I think that makes sense about marginal effects having a bigger impact. Also we saw what happened to Clint Frazier from concussions.

    1. I thought this was going to be one of those things where he outlives us all

      I suppose he still might

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