July 17, 2024

56 thoughts on “The Athletic: Anthony Rizzo has arm fracture, likely out at least 4-6 weeks

    1. They gave him a good going over yesterday and last year. He’s got a glass arm and skull.

    1. i’d probably rather have him for free to platoon with a lefty than pay josh bell. his numbers against lefties aren’t bad but SSS

  1. I’d much rather they bring up Rice or that other slick fielding 1b who gets on base without pop as opposed to a trade for some washed up veteran has-been. We’ve seen that time and again going back to the 1980s. (“You traded Jay buhner for Ken Phelps?!”) Using washed up veterans doesn’t work as we are seeing now with Rizzo and DJLM.

    Trade for Alonzo? Maybe. For Ottavio? Please don’t!

    1. The first go round with DJ was great. It’s the 6 year reup that looks like a disaster.

    2. Given that contract based on 50 games played in 2020, and the guy would turn 33 midway through his first season on that contract. Yeah, Cashman gave zero thought to that deal.

    1. Just recently we had no candidates to leave the rotation.
      Now… a perfect time for Cole’s return.
      How quickly things change!

  2. This is so the right move. This team should never have “just okay” players. Each position should be a star or, if you don’t have a star there, a place to develop potential upside. Paying non-star veterans makes no sense for them as a rule.

    1. eh, thats a bit too rigid for my liking. I do lean more towards your thinking, but am receptive to yankee Eric Chavez, Andrew jones arrangements. rizzo, regrettably, was an overpay

    2. If you get a great price, take the player and flip him.
      If you have absolutely no MiL upside at the position and can’t get it, go very short-term or very tradeable. Otherwise non-elite veterans just block development opportunities.
      In the long run, the more talent you develop from within, even if it turns out to not to be elite talent, the more stars you can afford. And the more valuable your trade chips are. That needs to be systematic, otherwise the strategy doesn’t work.

    3. Also, can’t stand Andruuew Jones. Since that first game vs. the Yankees. Tons of physical talent, but dumb as a rock and kind of arrogant. Unpleasant.

    4. I agree overall w you, but not as an absolute. your premise is predicated on other teams being dumb, and perpetually dumb at that.

      I think you’re oversimplifying

    5. I’m proposing a basic overal roster-construction strategy for a team like the Yankees. I’m making no presumptions about what’s available or not on the market or in the system, just what they should do given what is or isn’t available.

    6. I hear you and I generally agree w the framework of “build from within: emphasis of *practical* potential and cultivation therein, be discreet w funds w the presumption they are finite (at least roster space and playing time are)” – there’s invariably more as I’m paraphrasing.
      My supplemental / adjacent point is that there is/are opportunities (dare I mention a bugaboo and say ‘market inefficiencies’).

      this piques my curiosity though, as systemically there should be some modicum of variance of skill sets to mitigate mlb fuckery or changing baseballs, ban on the shift, hitters, and especially pitchers, who buck trends. or I guess you could double down on a particular skill set and hope for the best. org configuration, methodology, etc, is fascinating to me… I digress

  3. Something you probably didn’t know about Andruw Jones – his last 100 at bats as a Yankee he went 14 for 100. Talk about washed up veterans.

    Youkilis, Hafner, Vernon Wells, we can go on and on. Josh Bell would be more of the same. Please don’t.

  4. I said before that I think Rizzo is done after this season. He’s a FA and I can see a 1-day deal with the Cubs to retire. Sucks for him that his career closes like this, but he hasn’t been the same hitter since 2019. He had a dead cat bounce with the Yankees, but he has not aged well. Plus the injuries.

    So I think Rice was in the cards for potentially starting at 1B in 2025 anyway. I like the move for a lot of reasons. Big cap savings if he can hit at anything around 100 OPS+ and play decent 1B. Which hopefully goes to Soto. Paying Rizzo $20m a year is a luxury.

  5. Kirschner: Ian Hamilton is going on the IL with a right lat strain. He’ll no throw for 3-4 weeks.

    Cody Poteet has a right tricep strain. No throw for 1-2 weeks.

    Jasson Dominguez is awaiting MRI results.

    Scott Effross and JT Brubaker will start a rehab assignment tomorrow in Tampa.

  6. A Volpe (R) SS
    J Soto (L) RF
    A Judge (R) CF
    A Verdugo (L) LF
    G Stanton (R) DH
    B Rice (L) 1B
    G Torres (R) 2B
    A Wells (L) C
    D LeMahieu (R) 3B

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