June 18, 2024

47 thoughts on “NY Post: Yankees acquire Jon Berti in trade with Marlins before Opening Day

    1. Whatever.
      They aren’t a WS team without Cole.
      Too bad.

      But then it turns on whether they are truly “without Cole” this year, right?

      My brother’s fantasy draft was last night, and I helped him with it, and I was researching when to theoretically draft Cole, and there was a good bit on some site talking about betting on guys recovering from injuries, and it was something along the lines of, “Does it ever really pay off to bet on a guy recovering, especially with Spring injuries?” So…yeah…it definitely is a bit depressing.

    2. That was one of my points in the last post. I don’t think it’s crazy to count on Cole coming back. I do think it’s crazy to count on a full and “on time” recovery.

    1. Huh, I have no idea why that would be. I’ve tried the App Simulators, and they show it working on iPad. Anyone else having a problem on an iPad?

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    3. what can we do about the mobile rendering of replies. after 3+ replies the text box essentially is confined to a 2 mm width

    4. what can we do about the mobile rendering of replies. after 3+ replies the text box essentially is confined to a 2 mm width

      Yeah, I don’t know WHAT the fuck is up with that. I’ll try just cutting threading to two levels for now.

  1. Brian definitely called the trade. Funny how the Ben Rortvedt era ends.

    Baseball Savant had this dude at an 89 for baserunning, 95 sprint speed. Also rocking a 2 (!) for exit velocity. Pretty nice .337 lifetime OBP.

    Seems like a nice bench player.

    1. Hit your name in the upper-right hand corner of the screen, hit “edit profile” in the pop-up, change your nick to that, then change the display name and save.

      If that was serious, of course )

  2. I haven’t done the math yet, but it looks like the Yankees traded Gio and Sanchez, a lotto ticket A-ball hitter, plus about $60-70m for Jon Berti.

    Good job Cashman!

    I kid, sorta. Looks to be an ideal backup IF and depth piece.

    1. I would be much happier if they weren’t opening in Houston.

      Open in Houston for four games, then go to the defending National League champions for three. Thanks, schedule-makers!

    2. Probably better, actually. Get lucky, which happens a lot early in the season, and tuck the wins under your belt.

    1. Didn’t see Torres as leadoff coming.

      With DJLM out, I would have guessed Verdugo, but Gleyber is fine. It would be nice if Volpe starts walking and can be a viable leadoff option.

      Also surprising to see Cabrera over Berti.

    2. I mean, Berti JUST got here, so I can see not wanting to throw him out there right away.

      Torres was their main leadoff hitter with DJ out last year, right? So I think it makes sense he’d fill in now, too.

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