June 18, 2024

44 thoughts on “MLB.com: D-backs land Montgomery just before Opening Day (source)

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  1. So the conclusion:

    they went out there and they got NONE of the pitching they desperately needed


    Although I’ll say it again – after the way Montgomery left and blossomed in Texas, he wasn’t coming back. Ever. You may say the blossomming was illusory, but it’s pretty clear that in his mind the narrative is: Texas allowed him to pitch successfully, where the NYA coaching staff essentially forced him to pitch badly.

    1. This FO has become so risk adverse to anyone they don’t see as a truly elite player.

      They know they need pitching, but aren’t willing to to pay for non-aces. It does seem (from a biased perspective) that the prospect asks for the Yankees are higher than other teams, but at some point a jump has to be made. If there’s ever a year to go for it, is this year.

      If it’s really a money issue, why did they get Soto? Are they really so worried about “losing” a deal (trade or FA) that they are going to just hope that Cole recovers on schedule and their offense is enough to keep them in it? It’s not that they didn’t try, it’s just that they were too “smart” about it.

    2. I see things differently. I think the organizational blake-e-otomy is in its ramp up phase. (1 – is Blake an idiot? 2- if no then start scaling 3- mortgage tomorrow).

      I’m more optimistic about the team and org than I have been in a while

    3. Long term maybe. But this is a mostly older team with a ton of money wrapped up in a few players entering or in their decline phase. With Soto only definitely on the team this year, it makes sense to go in on this year.

      I’m mostly ok with not making the trades, but there’s not much excuse for making little effort on Snell/Monty, especially after Cole was injured and they saw inconsistency from Rodon and Cortes.

    4. snell and Montgomery suck. rodon is awesome. the prospect prices and evals didn’t align w what the org perceives. org development has gotten alot better.

      also, gil is awesome now

    5. UJD going all in on “if I’m right, I kick ass; if I’m wrong, who’ll remember?”

      If you’re right on Rodon, that changes a lot.

      Please be right!

    6. I am confident gonzalez can dish up meatball curves just as well as Montgomery thank you very much. rodon is awesome. but I’d like to add an “or gil” to any mention of rodon

    7. Unexpected.

      I can’t see the flaw in the logic: you got Soto, Judge is getting older, this is the year to go for it.

      And they’re not.

      Really agree with every word in Clay’s post.

    8. you both need to at least extend your scope to august 2nd (or whenever the new deadline is)

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  3. RAB So it’s a three-team trade in which the Yankees get Berti and send OF prospect John Cruz to Miami and Rortvedt to the Rays. Berti, 34, is earning $3.6MM in the second season of a two-year, $5.725MM contract and is controllable through the 2025 season via arbitration.

    Smyth Jon Berti

    Good glove at 3B (+3 Outs Above Average in 2023) and SS (+2), can also play 2B and OF

    Very fast! Led MLB with 41 SB in 2022. Only 16 last year but still 95th percentile in Sprint Speed (29.3)

    League-average bat last year (103 OPS+), top quarter in K%, Whiff%, Chase%

    Good enough

  4. I’m not happy about how things have turned out, certainly, but I think a few things have been true this offseason that make things look less awful, decision-wise (but still awful, results-wise):

    1. Monty didn’t want to come back here. Passan says talks never went anywhere, and the fact that he took a deal like this from Arizona suggests he just wasn’t interested in a return. That’s fair enough, really.

    2. The prospect asks for the Yankees were absurdly unfair

    3. The Yankees were interested in Snell, but he had crazy demands, so they pivoted to Stroman. Since then, Snell’s specific interest (a big short-term deal) was specifically the sort of deal that would be WORST for the Yankees. J.D. Martinez was willing to make his Met salary fit the luxury tax. Snell was not interested in anything like that. He even DID defer some money for the Giants, but not nearly enough for it to matter. Once he wanted a big short term deal, he wasn’t realistic for the Yankees. In other words, they were willing to get the best pitcher on terms they could deal with – he wouldn’t sign. When he was willing to sign, it was on terms they couldn’t match.

    Long story short, a lot of Murphy’s Law shit this offseason with pitchers, not even getting into Cole’s injury.

    1. this notion that stroman is the zero-sum snell-castoff is bs. stroman signed a sweetheart deal w the Yankees. kind of like Kim’s deal w the padres. ie you make those deals irregardless.

      I like the “let’s develop pitching and give prospects some runway” approach. also, trade judge

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